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Ordnance store in England
Ordnance store in England

The Army Ordnance Corps maintained and issued all types of stores except food and fuel at defence stores and depots. AOC sections worked from bases in Egypt during the Gallipoli campaign and in France and England during the Western Front campaign. 

Badges and shoulder title


Army Ordnance Corps cap and collar badges (NZEF 1916-19). Image courtesy Robert McKie Collection, 2017.

Army Ordnance badge

Army Ordnance Corps cap and collar badges (home service, 1917-23): a shield with three cannon mounted horizontally, with the letters ‘NZ’ between two cannonballs at the top and a scroll with the unit name at the bottom. Motto: Sua tela tonanti (To the warrior his arms).

NZAOC shoulder title

Shoulder title worn by the Army Ordnance Corps. 

See community contribution below from Rob McKie for more information about these badges.

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Jamie M

Posted: 02 May 2017

Thanks very much for this, Rob. We've updated the badge images now. Regards, Jamie Mackay

Rob McKie

Posted: 25 Mar 2017

Hi the NZAOC badges shown are the wrong pattern for the NZAOC in the NZEF.

During WW1 NZ had three Ordnance Departments, Two for home service, the NZ Army Ordnance department and the NZ Army Ordnance Corps and overseas the NZEF NZ Army Ordnance Corps. All three wore different badges.

The Badges shown are for the Home Service NZAOC, and only worn by NZAOC troops serving in New Zealand between 1917 and 1923.

The badge of the NZAOC of the NZEF was a Ordnance Shied of three Cannons and three Cannonballs with the Letters NZ fixed on top, on the Bottom was a scroll with he words "Ordnance" inscribed on it. It is thought that this badge was adopted in late 1916 and worn by NZAOC members of thee NZEF until 1919.

More on this subject can be found at:

If this page could be corrected to show the correct badge it would be appreciated.