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Served My apprenticeship for Peter Gilberd 01/07/2020
I lived in Pigeon Bay in the Rona McPartlin 01/07/2020
I have just purchased a Art Wildermoth 02/07/2020
Jacqueline please contact us, Paul Kerr 03/07/2020
I have vivid memories of the Geraldine Parker 04/07/2020
Parore Te Awha. Tamati Parore 05/07/2020
Moetara is his name and is Anonymous 05/07/2020
I am the owner of a small Shane Duffy 05/07/2020
Annie and Thomas had a fifth Jill Proudfoot 06/07/2020
Currently working on Lynette Harris 08/07/2020
Mary Dalzell is the sister of Lynette Harris 08/07/2020
Hi I am all so had heart Sandra Rohrlach ( née simons) 08/07/2020
Bridget Morrissey's neighbour David Mulrooney 08/07/2020
I was assigned to the 567amb Anonymous 09/07/2020
And here is a view of the War Sarndra Lees 10/07/2020
OOPS! LOL! A link always Sarndra Lees 10/07/2020
Hello All Bradley Master 11/07/2020
Sailed on the Captain Cook Tom 11/07/2020
I am another descendent of Nicholas Drinnan 11/07/2020
Frank Driesen SARGENT, 29th Elaine 11/07/2020
Catherine Parkinson was also Iris Greene 12/07/2020
Isnt it fucked up how people Anonymous 13/07/2020
I believe Johanna Elise was Oline Ball nee Andersen 13/07/2020
whakapapa claims to Te Papakereru (Manutoheroa's Grave) Ripeka Te Ngaruru (Great Grand Daughter) 15/07/2020
My great uncle faught and Jonathan Turner 17/07/2020
Remember Dave Radcliffe and Peter [email protected] 19/07/2020
More information about her, Matt McNabb 21/07/2020
Probably https://www.wikitree Matt McNabb 21/07/2020
That scene is exactly as I Mandy 22/07/2020
Its meant to be Hapu instead Daniel Hurd 23/07/2020
This is exciting to read as Sarah Turner 24/07/2020
Women's Keep Fit Lynne Ford 26/07/2020
Mrs J Fairbairn was the wife Kerry Tankard (Fairbairn descendant) 27/07/2020
Jane (Bolster) Fairbairn was Kerry Tankard (Fairbairn descendant) 27/07/2020
Annette Jane Fairbairn was Kerry Tankard (Fairbairn descendant) 27/07/2020
Ahem. The date of death is Kerry Tankard (Fairbairn descendant) 27/07/2020
Mata Whio isn't Henare Potiki Winnie Matahaere 27/07/2020
My understanding is it means Jamie M 27/07/2020
Her full name was Sarah Maria Kerry Tankard 27/07/2020
Agnes was born in Napier in Kerry Tankard 27/07/2020
Alice Elizabeth Tankard was Kerry Tankard 27/07/2020
Jeannie McDonald Stevenson Kerry Tankard (Stevenson descendant) 27/07/2020
Te Puaha Anonymous 29/07/2020
Ria Waitohi is the woman at Anonymous 29/07/2020
Thank you for sharing this Diana McIntyre 29/07/2020
Hinepau Christine 30/07/2020
This shameful episode in New Craddock Dufty 02/08/2020
Visited it today! Wendy pullen 05/08/2020
Sarah Ellen Randell (nee Christen 08/08/2020
Do you want photos relating Sue Penman 10/08/2020