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LOL! Well that's hilarious! Sarndra 03/06/2023
I have a tapestry she did at Raywyn Lewer 29/05/2023
Arrived on December 19, 1963. SP 4 Richard McCleaf 26/05/2023
According to 1836/1837 UK Anonymous 20/05/2023
Out of all the nightclubs & Mike 19/05/2023
Just for the record, the Alex 11/05/2023
Isabella McIntyre (aka Richard McIntyre 10/05/2023
Emma's daughters were not Anonymous 10/05/2023
Wow cool to hear my Anonymous 30/04/2023
Thanks, Anne - we've reworded Jamie M 27/04/2023
Peggy - did you scroll Jamie M 27/04/2023
Kia ora - agreed, we don't Jamie M 27/04/2023
You can find the address by Jamie M 27/04/2023
I was in the Dixon Street Ron King. 23/04/2023
Thanks for getting this Stuart 22/04/2023
A wonderful memorial to the Allan Stanley Waugh 21/04/2023
I completely agree with the Anonymous 21/04/2023
SUE HENSHAW 7th October 1958 Tim 20/04/2023
Henrietta Emma Rex was born Anonymous 15/04/2023
Signatories To Te Tiriti At Whakatane June 1840 Henry Kingi 15/04/2023
I lived in Eastbourne and Keith Whitehead 14/04/2023
According to your table the Mike 14/04/2023
Pakewa [Paekawa} Julia Unka 14/04/2023
In the book 'Not Just Anonymous 13/04/2023
I lived in Seatoun heights Rd Anonymous 12/04/2023
We where there up in park all Suzanne Bell maiden name Heslip Married name Anonymous 11/04/2023
Was supposed to be on board! Ian Creevey 11/04/2023
I was a 7 year old boarder at Peter 10/04/2023
Christina Gillespie was my Susan Mary PRYOR 10/04/2023
I' wish I could Say. Ok ,let Tony 10/04/2023
Can someone help me with QuintonRingel 09/04/2023
Yeah it is. The guy with no Anonymous 08/04/2023
Lets think of something, NZ Music Lover 06/04/2023
Dob of Te Kupunga Dal 06/04/2023
I wonder if I am the oldest Anne Shirley 06/04/2023
Surname not Klay but Blay. Lynda Seaton (Sideros Research) 05/04/2023
Looking for anyone who was a Malia McLellan 05/04/2023
Thank you for your Cynthia Fowler 05/04/2023
The name has been wrongly Lynda Seaton (Sideros Research) 02/04/2023
I'm looking for more info on Miranda 02/04/2023
Thank you Don very much for Nathaniel Gibbons 30/03/2023
I was at Camp Stanley 1978 Ken R. 27/03/2023
Reid was professional for Malcolm Butterworth. 27/03/2023
Page 51 of the Petition seems Lynda Seaton (Sideros Research) 26/03/2023
A detailed book on the life Anonymous 24/03/2023
Captain Charlie Dovey NZSC Anonymous 24/03/2023
Like the story as conveyed in wallaby Historian 24/03/2023
First depict the Cis-Kuen Lun P.V.Ravi Chandran 23/03/2023
Don’t worry guys Christchurch :) 20/03/2023
The Emma Jane Trickett who Lynda Seaton (Sideros Research) 20/03/2023