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It is about time this Grahame 05/07/2021
Thank you for this very Richard Taylor 01/07/2021
My brothers Wapu& Opo we had Waihakari o Wahiao 18/05/2021
Hey Anonymous - if you found Jamie M 18/05/2021
Thanks very much for letting Jamie M 18/05/2021
I have two paintings by Deborah McGregor 04/05/2021
Ps Opo & I are are in the Waihakari o Wahiao 03/05/2021
I have written a comment on Betty ( nee Redward ) Litchfield 03/05/2021
My Granddad Ken Geenty aka Yvie Catherine Benson 30/04/2021
Maata Te Naihi Maria 28/04/2021
I've just happened on your John Denby 28/04/2021
The avoid trucks toppling. Brian. 27/04/2021
I have seen a headstone for Anonymous 27/04/2021
The caption is somewhat John Clark 26/04/2021
My mother, Shirley Hall, was Richard Hadfield 26/04/2021
My 2 Great Uncle's names are Susan Tait 25/04/2021
Pretty sure this is my Clare Whyte 22/04/2021
Mary and Tom Valentine were Deidre Mussen 21/04/2021
My mother came out to NZ on Gabby 20/04/2021
I think there is a typo lin Robert Bruere 20/04/2021
The first fkying pkane was Anonymous 19/04/2021
They had 5 children,4 Claire Routley 18/04/2021
The council wishes to Anonymous 17/04/2021
The 1960 version of the pool Gary Benner 17/04/2021
Born Sarah FULTON c 1853 – 27 Christine Richardson 13/04/2021
Adeline Fanny and John Bertie Anonymous 13/04/2021
Mellony Sears, nee Halls, had Anonymous 13/04/2021
Adeline Fanny Sears was Anonymous 13/04/2021
Can anyone help name these Graeme 12/04/2021
Interesting family, have been Adele Pentony-Graham 12/04/2021
To the editor, there are in Rawiri 12/04/2021
Um... EXUSE ME?! Why dont yo Anonymous 11/04/2021
I was 3 almost 4 when the David Lyttle 10/04/2021
I was in Std 5 at Kakanui Bill Walker 10/04/2021
Hau / Te Hau N.R.Martin 10/04/2021
This ANZAC day I’ll remember Dean 10/04/2021
Prince Philip, the Duke of Anonymous 10/04/2021
Christchurch January 1954 - I Ian Porter 10/04/2021
Sarah Ann CORNEY nee Gledhill Sue King 08/04/2021
John Quinn born 14/ 12/1914 LUONIE Collie 08/04/2021
To the editor. In the Mangonui 08/04/2021
This is very cool. I have a Alyssa 07/04/2021
I vividly remember the Malcolm Watts 07/04/2021
The free morning half pint of Malcolm Watts 07/04/2021
I was 6 years old when my Malcolm Watts 07/04/2021
My grandfather was there with wainikiti balenaivalu 06/04/2021
Very exciting to read this Julie Robinson-Voss 06/04/2021
see Victoria 05/04/2021
A well presented summation! Jase 04/04/2021
I thought it was myself only Denny Gaspar 30/03/2021