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If these protesters were so Anonymous 22/08/2021
Able Tasman did not discover Anonymous 20/08/2021
His name is Hamiora Pera not Anonymous 19/08/2021
Another sister Dora J Ian James Henderson 19/08/2021
A mate and i attended this Neil finn 18/08/2021
Um. Dragon's ARE YOU OLD Richard Anderson 18/08/2021
is there a print friendly Wayne Muntz 18/08/2021
This man is the brother of my Tamati harris 18/08/2021
Al Deere as an Air Commodore Jim 206th 18/08/2021
Tupuna Simon Iehu Moetara 17/08/2021
Ellen keyes was my great Colleen mary philip 15/08/2021
"Cook’s relationship with Mark Peters 15/08/2021
The link for the "article in Anonymous 14/08/2021
My mother, 2 brothers and I Sheila Edwards 14/08/2021
Margaret Murphy grew up in Ria Keenan 14/08/2021
I was on the Wahine with my Nusara Assakul 10/08/2021
Hi Revving Tongues ~ "Rain Anonymous 10/08/2021
That is stupid it's like Robyn Lewis 09/08/2021
We have an identical jug Louise 08/08/2021
This is pure legend, and Anonymous 08/08/2021
Thankyou for this info. Could Catherine 07/08/2021
My great great uncle, Henry Caroline Donovan 04/08/2021
The Queen Carnival ran Shirley Arabin nee Rice 31/07/2021
te uira venus kene edwards 29/07/2021
My parents and I came to NZ Sheila Johnston 29/07/2021
You can still see remnants of Raffaele 28/07/2021
An extraordinary story about Sinisa Pavlovic 27/07/2021
Well done Bella, so proud of jan cann 27/07/2021
Correct - Eivers Road is same Michael (Clifford) Harris 25/07/2021
Hannah Mannington Katherine Blakeley 25/07/2021
Amyatt Byng Giraud was my Barry J Price 25/07/2021
My father Alan Williamson was Geoff Williamson 23/07/2021
My mother father and two Pauline Sullivan 23/07/2021
Hi Richard - unfortunately we Jamie M 23/07/2021
South Africa is a much better Anonymous 22/07/2021
Contact for the Tawhai Whanau (including teuriomohitawhaitrust) Anonymous 21/07/2021
Ko Te Uri Taniwha, rātou ko ngāti Hineira ko Ngāti Korohue om Carl Henderson 19/07/2021
I think it is my dad, very Beatrix Vosseler 19/07/2021
Thank you for your Anonymous 17/07/2021
Anyone know why taylors lane Ray derry 14/07/2021
Hi all, Does anyone know of a Kelly 14/07/2021
The date of the Maori to Kate floss 13/07/2021
This entry is somewhat Anonymous 10/07/2021
It actually is M J Butement Peter Kraffts 10/07/2021
I wish to correct some of the Marie Baird nee McMurray 09/07/2021
"Guilty Karmic Justice?" She Anonymous 08/07/2021
Our family owned a van which Steve B 08/07/2021
An ammendment. The Hudson Clare Cramond 07/07/2021
We used to hang out there on Anonymous 06/07/2021