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Any photos of jungle training Anthony White 14/10/2022
Hi, my grandad was the one Gaylene Daniels 13/10/2022
Descendent Richard Harp 13/10/2022
My great uncle was Bill Pauline morse 12/10/2022
Susan Anne Eathorne was my Susan McLachlan 08/10/2022
Her name is Christina, not Virginia Warbrick 08/10/2022
Spineir does not exist as a Lynda Seaton (Sideros Research) 07/10/2022
I wish to correct some of the Marie Baird nee McMurray 06/10/2022
Hapu name Ron 06/10/2022
Kia ora, I think you will Suzie Best 04/10/2022
L U Tiffen is actually L W Angela Campbell 03/10/2022
kia ora kereti henare 03/10/2022
Te Manutoheroa ripeka te ngaruru 02/10/2022
Who was the school named MARGIE 29/09/2022
Ernests father's name was Richard Meredith 28/09/2022
Hi Shane Helen Bromley 26/09/2022
Thank you for putting Pam Templeton 25/09/2022
I descend down from Pakewa Adriana 24/09/2022
Alias Daaniel Taniwha 24/09/2022
The welsh were the real Anonymous 24/09/2022
A small township was planned Gareth Winter 23/09/2022
I have just turned 94 and my Nola Cooze (Anonymous) 22/09/2022
This is a mis-transcription Lynda Seaton - Sideros Research 22/09/2022
I was a member of the Patti Tew 21/09/2022
Hi there! A quite notable Jan 19/09/2022
My wife was Winnie Primi she BEVAN SANDS. 18/09/2022
I have a watercolor passed Patricia Le Compte 18/09/2022
The name of Private Thomas Carol Robertson 18/09/2022
Not a word of the terrible Fenula 17/09/2022
You should check and make Anonymous 16/09/2022
I am also convinced we were J . Ohanlon 15/09/2022
Elizabeth Emmerson arrived in Bruce Barton 15/09/2022
I am seeking the history of Queenie AtaitiAnonymous 15/09/2022
>They could not eat the food Maxwell Muir 15/09/2022
I can't believe I was 5 when Janice Maureen Britten 14/09/2022
My parents were invited to a Mike Courtney 14/09/2022
I just posted a comment re my Lesley Craig 13/09/2022
School jubilee and war Anonymous 13/09/2022
"Mrs Lynn" of Andersons Bay Peter Grant 11/09/2022
Hi - my parents ( Evelyn Lesley Craig 11/09/2022
When the Queen and Prince Anonymous 11/09/2022
Te Kanawa Anonymous 10/09/2022
TITOKOWARU RIWHA grandfather JO HOAnonymous 10/09/2022
Interested in the comment Marion 09/09/2022
I turned 4 the day the Queen LESLEY K OGDEN 09/09/2022
https://paperspast.natlib Anonymous 09/09/2022 Anonymous 08/09/2022 Anonymous 08/09/2022
HI, my father attended Nuhuka Elaine Nairn 07/09/2022
I remember hearing the Maori John Tuckey 05/09/2022