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Can I see photos of ships Anonymous 03/04/2019
Miriam "Minnie" Des Forges Mr C.C. McDowall 02/04/2019
What about “the beast of Charles Gibbs 29/03/2019
Harriet Stancombe is also my Amanda Berney 26/03/2019
Five of Samuel Green's Helen Edwards 25/03/2019
This is shocking tell his Dempse Soutar 23/03/2019
Amazed at finding this Beverley Newberry 22/03/2019
Tēnā kōrua. Thank you for Jared Davidson 20/03/2019
I have just been reading an John Bilbrough 20/03/2019
This Hall was opened the same Merv Stewart 12/03/2019
My grandmother Beverley Craig (daughter of Nolan Dudley franks) 12/03/2019
She was my gggrandmother too Beverley Craig (née franks) 12/03/2019
Elizabeth Sarah Taylor (nee Dianne Barnden 11/03/2019
I see comments from another Allan Gray 10/03/2019
I have a painting by Beatrice Anonymous 08/03/2019
I have a 7th edition cook Marni 07/03/2019
Regarding my Tupuna Kiwikiwi Te Kowhiu Hau Kiwikiwi 06/03/2019
This is NOT the pa at Otuihu Jeff Saunders 05/03/2019
I was stationed there in camp ron 05/03/2019
Not sure if this helps, but a Jamie M 04/03/2019
I am trying to date an early Lorraine Warner 04/03/2019
Kathleen Anne Flinn my June Kathleen McIntyre neeGregory 03/03/2019
Johnny Ham or John Ham could Faye Brea 28/02/2019
Is this site somewhere I can Amy 27/02/2019
Has anyone answered Jon's Russell Preston 26/02/2019
My teeth were drilled out 5 Susanne 25/02/2019
My great, great, great grandfather Raymond Otene McKay 23/02/2019
I remember our mother would Anonymous 23/02/2019
Looking a bit smarter now R Manderson 20/02/2019
Te Kauwhata Primary School R Manderson 20/02/2019
There is an article Anonymous 20/02/2019
My Grandfather was Norman J M Graham 20/02/2019
The Morice family is a Pru Holden 19/02/2019
Probably 1944 Stan Boyle and Anthony RICHARD Goodall 19/02/2019
This account is appallingly Dr Colin Miskelly, curator of vertebrates, Te Papa 18/02/2019
I wans a voluntary solder in Don 14/02/2019
1893 - we should probably Jamie M 11/02/2019
Herbert and evelyn kettle Wayne kettle 11/02/2019
Marie Malcolm was Kate Anonymous 10/02/2019
On the 5th November 1959, I Alan (Archie)Dawson Auckland, New Zealand 08/02/2019
What year was this ....? Micheal brown 08/02/2019
Women's Golf in New Zealand - pre-1900 Ann MacDougall 08/02/2019
Jean Batten is an incredible victoralsa 07/02/2019
Great place to find some Anonymous 06/02/2019
General Freyberg was injured John Cosgorve 05/02/2019
Thanks, Susan - I've changed Jamie M 04/02/2019
Nelson association Jamie M 04/02/2019
Sorry, but may I post more of Dr Paul Tonson, Melbourne Aust. 02/02/2019
Hi Cobber Kain was a house Roger Goddard 02/02/2019
Isn't this a cartoon for Anonymous 01/02/2019