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This is my father Josie-lea Oneill 16/02/2020
Ranjiwilson is my cousin is GrAham Joe ineson 14/02/2020
Sad to see that people are Robyn Dixon 14/02/2020
Probably Honorah (Nee O'Brien Anonymous 14/02/2020
Biography contributed by Bryan Davies 13/02/2020
Hello Mark, Yes I would love Sandra (nee Prestidge) Marris 13/02/2020
Searching Ancestry. to leave Joyce 13/02/2020
MWIA 100, New York, R. Hewland elected Honorary Member, NZMWA 1 Dr Robyn Hewland Q.S.M. 11/02/2020
I was on the U.S.S. Truxtun Gregory Faith 10/02/2020
Treaty Obligations Anonymous 10/02/2020
Marsden (Matenga) Paerata, in the words of W G Puckey Anonymous 07/02/2020
I was given an original print Lynda Brennan 07/02/2020
Hi, I believe that this Alan Dine 07/02/2020
I have a very old sketch book Lynne Butler 06/02/2020
Emma actually died in FMG 03/02/2020
Hi Jamie Gillian Cameron 03/02/2020
Alice Maud Pavitt was my Anonymous 11 year old 02/02/2020
Ellen Yates is my great Isobel Connelly (née McGregor) 02/02/2020
John Rowles’ single, ‘Cheryl Anonymous 01/02/2020
Descendant of JENKINS/PAIROKE James Andersen 23/01/2020
Kia Ora tatou. I am another Te Paea Paringatai 22/01/2020
Came up from Wellington in a Anton 22/01/2020
We have great grandparents Gloria Thompson 22/01/2020
It's time to face facts. tomtastic 21/01/2020
Thank you NZ advisors and 1LT Sam Robertson 20/01/2020
I was US Army, Infantry, 1LT, 1LT Sam Robertson 20/01/2020
Catherine Parkinson is my Tracy Parkinson 19/01/2020
Te Wherowhero's wives Anonymuss 18/01/2020
WAI Annette Ferneyhough 17/01/2020
Since I published Coast Girl Rosemary Mercer 16/01/2020
We arrived in Wellington in Tony Bishop 14/01/2020
'...and spent 36 weeks on the PMclennan 14/01/2020
Could anyone provide more Anthony Bull 13/01/2020
So proud of my great, great Shane 28/12/2019
I see Maria Stewart's Katharine Cipolla 25/12/2019
I believe the soldiers were William Shaw. 24/12/2019
Ururoa Reena Kainamu 20/12/2019
What was the Marae, hapu that Cherie 19/12/2019
On page 188 is the name Agnes Jan Lynch 17/12/2019
My husbands grandfather was Anonymous 17/12/2019
Captain Thomas Wing is our Linda WingAnonymous 12/12/2019
whakapapa claims to Te Papakereru (Manutoheroa's Grave) Ripeka Te Ngaruru (Great Grand Daughter) 10/12/2019
Yep - more on this here: Jamie M 10/12/2019
Kia ora, I reckon it would be Kerryn Pollock 09/12/2019
What is official. Bell were Anonymous 09/12/2019
In researching Tupuna Anonymous 05/12/2019
von Temsky was a fearless Peter Loftus 04/12/2019
I have copy of a letter Helene Britnell 02/12/2019
Walking back into the past, Anonymous 01/12/2019
Kuia Iriaka Ratana is my Aorangi Tehuia 01/12/2019