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The surname of the signatory Lynda Seaton, Sideros Research 20/03/2023
where do you find ? a MRS elizabeth haig dawson 20/03/2023
Richard was eldest brother to Jan Mortonnonymous 20/03/2023
My sister and I, aged 8 and Valerie 18/03/2023
Always wow C Hardwidge 17/03/2023
Sir Brian was the man who Ron Carson 17/03/2023
Mrs Lindemann was born Lynda Seaton, Sideros Research 15/03/2023
Please remove the shooters Simon Armstrong 15/03/2023
ya i was there good weather evilray 14/03/2023
Hera Maioha. WWAC 1941 ? Pirihira Ririnui 14/03/2023
I was born there 1961, my Dad Lance Anderson 14/03/2023
My Dad and Mom went on Sharon 14/03/2023
i have a ancester called saf 13/03/2023
Te Rae o Pāpāmoa was named by Anonymous 12/03/2023
The article is headed "SS Anne 06/03/2023
I think this name should be Russell Poole 05/03/2023
John Westland should be John Selwyn Bracegirdle (Great great grandson) 28/02/2023
looking for the men who Anony sean O'Dwyer.mous 27/02/2023
Noel Crombie was not a JB 27/02/2023
Your list is very old and I Anonymous 26/02/2023
My Great Uncle Albert Brian Clough 25/02/2023
I note from a photo on Selwyn GUEST-DUNAGER 24/02/2023
Christopher Hodgson Hurst son Terry Wheeler (Ramsgate Historical Society) 24/02/2023
Daughter of Margaret Giesen. Anonymous 23/02/2023
"From the early 1860s Anonymous 23/02/2023
"Mrs Sorley was branch Anonymous 23/02/2023
"Margaret Giesen was the Anonymous 23/02/2023
Hugh Ross of Anderson's Bay's [email protected] 22/02/2023
Just possibly "H. Ross" could John C. Ross 22/02/2023
RUSSELL Mrs. R. (Agnes wife robina MCKENZIE 18/02/2023
Te Rangihīroa whakapapa links Toa Waaka 15/02/2023
What number of Maori did Colleen 14/02/2023
Is there a record of Natalie Stuart Godwin 14/02/2023
My husband and I visited the Anonymous 13/02/2023
To the contrary. Lt-Col Wallaby Historian 11/02/2023
Captain Eugene O'Neill was Wallaby Historian 11/02/2023
Recently a book was written Ismail Helmi 11/02/2023
The name is Seerup. Anonymous 10/02/2023
I am the archivist of the David Reeve 10/02/2023
Have been to the site, was Andy Brecht US Army Retired 07/02/2023
Please amend this address on Vicki Bayly 07/02/2023
Haare nepia TeMorenga Anonymous 03/02/2023
My father John Patrick Butler Neil Butlet 02/02/2023
My Great, great uncle 2lt Tymon Bernard 29/01/2023
Like everyone else in Anonymous 29/01/2023
Those 4 Brennan brothers were Anonymous 28/01/2023
Hi I am the great great Christine 27/01/2023
Who were NZ's newspaper sport ron king 26/01/2023
Thank you very much. Emma Elizabeth Dawson 25/01/2023
This map shows that all of Peggy McConnell 25/01/2023