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Wonderful to make a Raymond Thomas Kennedy 30/03/2021
He is my nana’s grandfather. Colleen Neemia 28/03/2021
Thomasine came to New Zealand Janet D 28/03/2021
My granddad was a major Joseph Smith Anonymous 27/03/2021
Hello, I was so interested to Anna Pither 27/03/2021
What was the definition of a Anonymous 23/03/2021
What an absolutely superb Fraser 21/03/2021
This monument has been Anonymous 20/03/2021
My Koro was Tim Te Momo Anonymous 17/03/2021
My dad was so angry that JKB Anonymous 16/03/2021
I was amazed when a ONE Pound kys gov 15/03/2021
Another plaque has been added Marie parsloe 14/03/2021
In small South Island towns Anonymous 11/03/2021
My grandfather was on the Danny Devaney 11/03/2021
No mention of the British Jacob O’Brien 10/03/2021
There is a full listing of Anonymous 09/03/2021
Steve Watters Jamie M 09/03/2021
Valentine Marshall was born Anonymous 07/03/2021
Wishing for Hirini whakapapa Christopher Norman 07/03/2021
She was an intrepid pilot. Anonymous 06/03/2021
looking for wiremu tamihana ivy thompson 06/03/2021
My great great great grandpa MissAna_ Mangakaaretū Marae 05/03/2021
Mrs H Ihle was my Great, Julie Rodgers 03/03/2021
He was on young I was a baby Denise Luamanu nee Griffin 03/03/2021
No you are wrong, this is our Riki Heremaia 02/03/2021
I am looking for Danuta Norma Delgarno 28/02/2021
Was in Glen Orchy as part of William 26/02/2021
oops 1866 is correct for Sandy 26/02/2021
Jessie Maxwell was my great Sandy 26/02/2021
New Zealand has a link to the John R Watt 25/02/2021
Hi Theo - this looks Jamie M 23/02/2021
I would very much like to Theo 22/02/2021
who is telling this story ? Anonymous 21/02/2021
I am aware grandfather and Maxine Donovan 21/02/2021
Can anyone tell me if there Shaub 21/02/2021
I have a painting of The John Shephard Anonymous 19/02/2021
I came to NZ on the Captain Mike Cogswell 19/02/2021
I just today read in a aria 16/02/2021
Margaret (Maggie) CARSON was Bernadette 16/02/2021
Margaret Scott CARSON (Maggie Bernadette 16/02/2021
I was very happy to find this JULIE FOSBENDER 15/02/2021
My husband endured the School Michelle 15/02/2021
Rawiri Cynthia Dickey 15/02/2021
Dagmar Laugesen Murray Laugesen 15/02/2021
Thanks for this article. Kate Kelvin O’Dwyer 14/02/2021
Hello Paula I am Great Ngirene 13/02/2021
According to the Bayanne Anne Andrews (nee Johnson), granddaughter of Robert (twin) 12/02/2021
His second name was Boyne not Robin Griffiths 06/02/2021
Hi there, this page needs Sitara Morgenster 05/02/2021
Sarah Reid was my gt Murray H H Reid. Cambridge. 05/02/2021