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Ururoa Reena Kainamu 20/12/2019
What was the Marae, hapu that Cherie 19/12/2019
On page 188 is the name Agnes Jan Lynch 17/12/2019
My husbands grandfather was Anonymous 17/12/2019
Captain Thomas Wing is our Linda WingAnonymous 12/12/2019
whakapapa claims to Te Papakereru (Manutoheroa's Grave) Ripeka Te Ngaruru (Great Grand Daughter) 10/12/2019
Yep - more on this here: Jamie M 10/12/2019
Kia ora, I reckon it would be Kerryn Pollock 09/12/2019
What is official. Bell were Anonymous 09/12/2019
In researching Tupuna Anonymous 05/12/2019
von Temsky was a fearless Peter Loftus 04/12/2019
I have copy of a letter Helene Britnell 02/12/2019
Walking back into the past, Anonymous 01/12/2019
Kuia Iriaka Ratana is my Aorangi Tehuia 01/12/2019
their adopted son Noel was my Merril 28/11/2019
Francis Ellen Eagle (nee Anonymous 27/11/2019
Hello everyone, my parents Andy Klyen 27/11/2019
Waitangi Tribunal...? I Rose 26/11/2019
I travelled on the Captain Patricia Leeson (née Smith) 26/11/2019
I went to Otaki health camp 2 Scared 3 x 26/11/2019
Hi my grandad named Jack or Trevor Walker 26/11/2019
I have been searching for Bronwyn Shallish 25/11/2019
I was part of a 4 man team Patrick Chapman 24/11/2019
Uniting chiefs through marriage as well as virtue Rosemary Marsh 20/11/2019
Surely this handwriting can Jan 19/11/2019
This signature looks more Jan 19/11/2019
'North Island Main Trunk line Anonymous 18/11/2019
Reading this, so overwhelmed Anonymous 18/11/2019
I lived in Mount Felix for Eleanor Cole 13/11/2019
In 2019 two more names were Karen Brisco 08/11/2019
I have a Christmas card from Anonymous 05/11/2019
McDougal, Catherine, Filleul Helen Edwards 04/11/2019
This signature appears to my Jan 04/11/2019
from the Spanish town of RUSSELL WALKER 04/11/2019
I think this should be Eliza Jan 03/11/2019
Could you let me know if Sylvia Hudson 03/11/2019
The Cretan community in Anonymous 02/11/2019
This entry should say Jan Schrader 30/10/2019
Thanks for the memories! I Dan Sawyer 30/10/2019
Elsie was my Grandmother, Lynette Geange (nee Fischer) daughter of Betty (nee Ross). 27/10/2019
Why were moari people treated Anonymous 26/10/2019
I'm not familiar with the Matthew Fitzsimons 26/10/2019
My parents sailed from Sharon Hutchins (nee Prizeman) 25/10/2019
Hi Karen - thanks for this. I Jamie M 23/10/2019
Thanks, Bronwyn - we've Jamie M 23/10/2019
My mum was born here in 1939 Anonymous 23/10/2019
Hi Libby - I believe this was Jamie M 23/10/2019
I was stationed close to Camp Tony hovgaard 23/10/2019
That’s sad ?? 50 PEOPLE DIED Tama 22/10/2019
I am confused by the Karen Radcliffe 21/10/2019