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Source: Anonymous 27/09/2021
Born Louisa WATSON 1850 Anonymous 27/09/2021
Born 1866 Hutt died 1950 at Anonymous 27/09/2021
There is a factual error in Raewin 27/09/2021
I have two photographs from Capt mick geraghty 27/09/2021
Hi Just found your post. I Jenny Jordan 25/09/2021
Maori were marginalized from Anonymous 23/09/2021
Hi I am doing an assessment rebecca sutton (year 9) 23/09/2021
I was raised on the story it Michele Durie 23/09/2021
Feedback Anonymous 22/09/2021
Hi Gareth, Anne Gabrielsson 21/09/2021
This is my great great great Kirsty 21/09/2021
Links to info about Susan Woodgate Bronwyn 20/09/2021
Agnes married Hugh McKINNON Anonymous 18/09/2021
God bless the Second Wave. Anonymous 18/09/2021
Kia ora Charles, Lucy S 16/09/2021
When I was a lad in the early Charles Pettit 15/09/2021
Harriet Lynn was the daughter Peter Grant 15/09/2021
The Hall does'nt need to be Anonymous 15/09/2021
Thanks! The Evening Post link Lucy S 15/09/2021
Kia ora Wayne, Lucy S 15/09/2021
Te Reo Gillian 15/09/2021
I was raised in Mosgiel by Anonymous 14/09/2021
Pohepohe Tukau Komene is not the same as this Pohepohe. Pare Hayward 14/09/2021
Kia ora, you can find that in Lucy S 13/09/2021
A little update from the McKay whanau Raymond McKay 10/09/2021
This year 2021 is significant Anne Stewart Ball 10/09/2021
Thank you for this beautiful Anonymous 09/09/2021
Maata Te Naihi Hamish 08/09/2021
Rangimātānuku Nepia James Tipene 07/09/2021
Sheppard is incorrectly spelt Helen Osborne 07/09/2021
Susan Blair Provan was the Helen Edwards 07/09/2021
It's amazing to see these Yeping 05/09/2021
I was at Redwood 70. Only 15 Shan 05/09/2021
Hi from Alyssa Larnach 02/09/2021
I transferred into 2 armoured Murray Belchamber (ex Sgt) TF 31/08/2021
I have spent some time trying Anonymous 30/08/2021
I found the passenger lists David Bryant 29/08/2021
the red overalls Anonymous 27/08/2021
I have a photo of Noman Jull, Glen Turner 27/08/2021
Are servicemen that served in Ray 27/08/2021
You would think that the Natalie 26/08/2021
This article is informally Anonymous 26/08/2021
My uncle James William Penno Heather 25/08/2021
Could you please post up Hemopereki Simon 25/08/2021
When I was 7 and 9 years old Anonymous 25/08/2021
Jane Rice was my great Andrew DELLER 24/08/2021
The information here is John Cramond 24/08/2021
The guy 3rd from left looks Julia Twist 24/08/2021
I spent a number of years as Winifred Chambers 23/08/2021