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I have two bound copies of Anonymous 18/05/2020
I was there with mu older Naaki 16/05/2020
My dad is a jenkins and from Courtney Jenkins 16/05/2020
Hi Bella Maria Iwan 15/05/2020
this man wiremu tahua Anonymous 13/05/2020
Wairarapa Bush did well in Anonymous 10/05/2020
I attended Otaki twice in the David Ross BARNES. BORN 28 / 08 /1939. WANGANUI. NZ 08/05/2020
It may be time for this NZ Dr R Fisher 08/05/2020
Kia ora, the name of the Anonymous 07/05/2020
Hello does anybosy know if a Anonymousmichael 04/05/2020
Hi my name is Philip Millen PHILIP MILLEN 03/05/2020
Hi there Eugene O’Neil 02/05/2020
Do you have any knowledge of Te Inuwai Elia 01/05/2020
The Helen Stewart living in Jean Tilleyshort 30/04/2020
Helpful to learn what OMR Anonymous 30/04/2020
Thank you Helen Edwards. Bruce Beath 29/04/2020
thanks for that. Very helpful Bruce Beath 29/04/2020
Kia Ora I am connected to Anonymous 29/04/2020
I notice that Thomas Grace is Buddy Mikaere 29/04/2020
An error exists in calling Hans Roest 29/04/2020
Hello trying to locate Leanne 27/04/2020
Ngati Ruapani Ki Waikaremoana Anonymous 27/04/2020
My grandmother Eseta Ti'a of Sekai Lemusu 27/04/2020
2019 I still waiting for the Makauli Leumate Nuhisifa 27/04/2020
My son is doing a school Anonymous 27/04/2020
I’m Ernest Henry Walker Mereanna Elaine Walker. 26/04/2020
I have a certificate given to Alan Bryant 26/04/2020
I believe this is Mabel Sharon Donnelly 25/04/2020
My second cousin Lance Peter Swan 25/04/2020
I'm trying to find out where Penny 25/04/2020
My Grandad Tom Elkington was Barry Adshead 25/04/2020
He is my Great Great Paternal Quinton Joseph Ringel, Jr 25/04/2020
I understand that only Clare Pierson 25/04/2020
Could anyone shed light on Marie Kirkup 25/04/2020
Hello I am trying to locate Anonymous 25/04/2020
What an honour to hear this Tania 25/04/2020
Peter (basil) Renshaw is my Mike Renshaw 24/04/2020
I was sent to Roxburgh Health Anonymous 24/04/2020
I believe the soldier on the Kathryn Davidson 23/04/2020
he shot heke in the thigh the Anonymous 21/04/2020
Kia ora, can you please amend Desiree 21/04/2020
Would love to see photos of Margaret Simeon 21/04/2020
Rode up from Wellington after John 20/04/2020
John George Bryan was my Janipani 20/04/2020
why is there is no mention of Anonymous 19/04/2020
My 2nd great grandmother, JUST Me 18/04/2020
I have a signed copy of Dianne Mallowes 18/04/2020
I am surprised that Meremere Stephen Rae 16/04/2020
I arrived 1st september 1952 Ken Bowers 15/04/2020
Believed to be a Gunner on Brett Herbert 14/04/2020