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Great to have an early map Anonymous 06/05/2019
Nothing has changed we are Maraea Handley 06/05/2019
The Ngaruawahia festival was Christopher Coulter 05/05/2019
The panel referred to is one Rowan Anderson 04/05/2019
Pretty appalled at the tone Anonymous 03/05/2019
Te Morenga Anonymous 03/05/2019
Henrietta Sandford (née Wood) J Eaton 01/05/2019
Lucy Ellen Wood (née Burt) J Eaton 01/05/2019
Peter Cooke has let me know Emma Jean Kelly 01/05/2019
Jane Philip Greig (n Masson) Doug Graham 30/04/2019
Elizabeth King was my Oline Elizabeth BALL (nee Andersen) 30/04/2019
With the extension of the Rob Wesley-Smith 28/04/2019
Dear Marilyn, I did not see Mary 28/04/2019
My great grandmother an Gail Olliver 25/04/2019
My maternal grandfather; Gerald Bruce 24/04/2019
My great uncle Dick Jeremy Ballantyne 24/04/2019
In view of Nancy Wake (white sally 24/04/2019
R Pearson, MV Lawrence, may Gaylia Powell 23/04/2019
The 1869 replacement reads . Anonymous 22/04/2019
Brilliant site very easy Dot 20/04/2019
I had a Girlfriend back in Barry Mason 20/04/2019
The stone mason appears to Anonymous 17/04/2019
What about Daniel Swan, who Anonymous 17/04/2019
Hello. I am researching my Mitchell Mullin 16/04/2019
Mac Riding's DNA was NOT John Riding 16/04/2019
Laura Jones nee Smith is Fiona Caldwell 16/04/2019
In `1970 at the Levin Anonymous 16/04/2019
Scottish born (island of Eday Brian Budge of Kirkwall, Orkney Royal British Legion 15/04/2019
The sign saying that it was Denise 15/04/2019
The memorial was not Denise 15/04/2019
Kia ora, Drena - it looks Jamie M 12/04/2019
Where was Hirini interred Drena Taiwhanga 12/04/2019
If there are school teaching Wallaby Historian 12/04/2019
I am a member of a team from Nikki Brown 12/04/2019
Anyone got pics of otago crew Anonymous 11/04/2019
It was written by Imelda Jamie M 10/04/2019
2017: The Witch Hill Memorial Rodney Farrant 09/04/2019
Please tell me that the Glen Helen Moran 09/04/2019
who wrote this and when was Anonymous 09/04/2019
Why are you macronusinf Anonymous 09/04/2019
Thanks for your feedback - we Jamie M 09/04/2019
A Air New Zealand staff John Grant 09/04/2019
hi my name is Beverley Lane Beverly Lane 07/04/2019
Bridget Morrissey ( nee Russell Tregonning 06/04/2019
Their is a misspelling on John P Gurnett 05/04/2019
Hinepau Hahau (Ngati Pukeko) Marlisse Tanya Trower 04/04/2019
Kia ora. Te Ariki Makea Apera URIARAU. 04/04/2019
Seems so sad, that Christie Anonymous 03/04/2019
Note there is some admin 03/04/2019
My dad was in campo 52 and he Ross Davidson 03/04/2019