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Do you by any chance have a AnonyFrances Vincebtmous 13/04/2020
I have just been researching Shannon Ruddell 13/04/2020
Traveled up from Stratford David 13/04/2020
I have photos of the sinking Linda Selby 12/04/2020
On land, my father Giordano Dino De Marchi 12/04/2020
I turned 85 on 23 Mar In 1940 Bev 12/04/2020
Irihapeti Hahau and John Horton McKay Anonymous 11/04/2020
Acknowledged by who? Anonymous 11/04/2020
Williams was one fair man, Anonymous 10/04/2020
Alexander Victor Southcombe b BWat 03/04/2020
Think this should real Lynette Harris 03/04/2020
Have not been on this forum Andrew Morrison 02/04/2020
who is the author Anonymous 01/04/2020
Janet Allan Waugh was born on Adair Polson-Genge 30/03/2020
This window was commissioned Jo Shroff 30/03/2020
Matilda Jane Baird, (nee Dame Kerry Prendergast (Great great granddaughter) 30/03/2020
Kia ora Elizabeth daughter of AnonymousD F BUTLER 28/03/2020
If you have any information Anonymous 25/03/2020
My Mother taught school here N Clifford 23/03/2020
haki mamene also noted that Anonymous 20/03/2020
taonui told haki mamene that Anonymous 20/03/2020
te ngahengahe Anonymous 20/03/2020
wi hopihana tahua was the man who shot hone heke in the thigh Anonymous 19/03/2020
Such a moving memorial, in a Doug Rendoth 19/03/2020
Kia ora....I'm a descendant Mo 19/03/2020
My name is Jacqueline Carter Jacqueline 18/03/2020
Girls' Friendly Society hostel in Thorndon Patricia Reesby 17/03/2020
I'd have to agree that this Mark Schwarz 16/03/2020
I spent many an hour sitting Former Sapper, 12 and 55 Sqns. RE 16/03/2020
Doug Miller is correct about David Jackson 11/03/2020
JR Yeats (Jane Rutherford Annie Ferguson 10/03/2020
Read this free book: " The Simplex 10/03/2020
Good information thank you. Sharon McAuley 09/03/2020
I heard a rumour that there Anonymous 08/03/2020
I don’t know if this is the Anika Ritchie 08/03/2020
My mother’s brother was Anonymous 07/03/2020
Are the images of the 1892 Nicholas Briggs 06/03/2020
Very interesting read. Toby Harvie 06/03/2020
My Great Grandmother - so Gail West 04/03/2020
My Name is Jack Lapa, Niuean Jack Lapa 03/03/2020
Poi E? Anonymous 03/03/2020
Thanks for this extra Jamie M 03/03/2020
I'm having trouble getting Teresa Maguire 03/03/2020
After it was rediscovered’ in Anonymous 28/02/2020
In 1864 Dr john logan Anonymous 28/02/2020
according to Maria Beath's M. Wheelan-Lammont 25/02/2020
There is also a War Horse Noeline Jeffries Anonymous 24/02/2020
There is now a memorial on John Gower 20/02/2020
Alan, I am also related to Dianna Box 19/02/2020
My namesake and great, great Rachael Colgan 18/02/2020