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Jim Morgan was never at the Brian Vorderstrasse 29/11/2022
How times have changed. These JAP 28/11/2022
She was a lovely woman, our RAY KEARNEY 28/11/2022
Looking for information Anonymous D RTeMoana 27/11/2022
For years and years up until Kiwi Scribe 24/11/2022
Ian Holms listed on the Kiwi Scribe 24/11/2022
Interesting at the age of 83, Anonymous 23/11/2022
Not one mention of Waka Ama Anonymous 22/11/2022
"No way sixteen is way to Anonymous 22/11/2022
Taxation without Anonymous 22/11/2022
This man was a great great Anonymous 18/11/2022
The memorial displays the Kiwi Scribe 18/11/2022
People are missing the point Anonymous 17/11/2022
Incorrect Historical information Anonymous 16/11/2022
My grandmother was Annie Anonymous 15/11/2022
One of these men was my Martyn Boxall 15/11/2022
Inaccurate information on this page. Rita Beckmannflay (nee Taotahi) 13/11/2022
Note the RNR flag at the AKiwi Scribenonymous 13/11/2022
Samuel L. Frickleton was my Jennifer Bradley 11/11/2022
My name is marilyn and i was Marilyn Hollingsworth 10/11/2022
While attending school k PeoplesAnonymous 09/11/2022
Hinepau Hahau Sian McIntosh 09/11/2022
Sarah Louisa England ( nee Valerie Anderson 07/11/2022
The entry says " Lucy L. Valerie Anderson 07/11/2022
Anderina Green (Ngai Tahu, Julia Monaghan 07/11/2022
Frank Ponder was a great New William Hair 07/11/2022
Absolute cheat and a shame to Anonymous 06/11/2022
Please amend your entry - you Bridget Gerrie 04/11/2022
The McIndoe and Gillies Anonymous 03/11/2022
My uncle served either this John UttingAnonymous 03/11/2022
I had my licence for a year Delia 31/10/2022
Wikitoria apahuna Kathy Freeman 31/10/2022
Harriet Passmore (formerly Gilly 27/10/2022
A very bad thing happened in Anonymous 27/10/2022
when was hinemaurea marae Anonymous 27/10/2022
Sarah Stoddart not Stoddard Anonymous 26/10/2022
Appreciated information about Adele Telfer 24/10/2022
Note death rate is per 1,000 Jamie M 20/10/2022
It is in the Carillon in Jamie M 20/10/2022
Published in 2007 Jamie M 20/10/2022
That's my Nana! Duncan McMahon 20/10/2022
Kia ora - this article was Jamie M 20/10/2022
Thanks, Angela - I've updated Jamie M 20/10/2022
Kia ora Suzie - thanks for Jamie M 20/10/2022
Thanks, Lynda - I've updated Jamie M 20/10/2022
Thanks for the corrections Jamie M 20/10/2022
I well remember trying to get Kiwi Scribe 20/10/2022
you should be putting this Anonymous 18/10/2022
The name of the lady has been Lynda Seaton (Sideros Research) 18/10/2022
Never forget it big event Steve. W. 16/10/2022