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A brief history of Edwin West Ian Blackwell 04/09/2022
Seems to be a very Anonymous 02/09/2022
What is the physical address Noelene Price Quedley 01/09/2022
Although impressive looking, Jeff McNeill 29/08/2022
I was 6 years old when we Patricia 29/08/2022
Hi Cathy Andrew Goldsworthy 28/08/2022
Hi, my great grandmother was Chelsea 27/08/2022
Katherine, You have done a Elizabeth Harland RoweAnonymous 27/08/2022
The surname is incorrectly Dorothy Pilkington 27/08/2022
Hello Neil. Robert Reynolds (Grandson) 26/08/2022
Hey, I'm doing a research Anonymous 25/08/2022
My uncle John Chilton Oliver Anonymous 24/08/2022
E A Verran was also the first Anonymous 22/08/2022
Ernest Jones was my Tima Janes 22/08/2022
While there is reference to Joanna Barnes-Wylie 21/08/2022
From about the age of 12-18 Anonymous 21/08/2022
Nga mihi Thankyou for sharing K A PERCY 20/08/2022
Interesting read KT 19/08/2022
Te Naihi Lei-Anne Warren 19/08/2022
Should be Brown family on the Robyn Moore 18/08/2022
Hi, I have been told that my Anonymous 18/08/2022
Could the be reprints? Charles 17/08/2022
Being an old boy military Andrew SheaAnonymous 15/08/2022
I believe that this is Maisie Anonymous 15/08/2022
The white man never mokopuna to Tiitokowaru and his sisters 12/08/2022
Elizabeth Birdwood later Martin O'Sullivan 11/08/2022
Copy of certificate in childcare Nicki 10/08/2022
Alleged relationship between Yate and Hongi. Anonymous 10/08/2022
This type of medal was also Anonymous 09/08/2022
I would like all of history Natalie 09/08/2022
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1SGTNewman I WAS STATIONED IN Frank 07/08/2022
My great great grandmother Diane Van Diepen née Helps 05/08/2022
I went here in 2004 as an 8 DK 05/08/2022
Was White Swan registered in Anonymous 05/08/2022
hi my name is Dave groube I Dave Groube 05/08/2022
Te Rangiwhakarurua Anonymous 04/08/2022
Korako Harmon, Jacob 02/08/2022
Eva should read "Eliza" . Alan Olliver 02/08/2022
I was with the 55 the MP Anonymous 01/08/2022
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The foundation stone has been Anonymous 30/07/2022
I had the same experience as Anonymous 30/07/2022
I was sent to Otaki Health Gabrielle J 28/07/2022
Fascinating recollections - Pat 26/07/2022
I travelled on the Captain Sue Sands (Henshaw) 26/07/2022
Elizabeth Ellen Eagle was the Lindsay EAGLE 25/07/2022
We are curious about where Sandy Wright 25/07/2022
Hi. I'm doing some research Lisa 25/07/2022
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