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I am Chair of the Turvey Elizabeth Ayers John Warwick 20/06/2018
I'm a descendent on the thomas francis Shane Mervyn Francis 18/06/2018
The correct spelling of O Mrs D. O'Sullivan Julie Thomas 17/06/2018
I am wondering if Herbert and herbert leslie kettle David Schumacher 16/06/2018
On my way to hear Anthony Alexander Aitken Great War Story Pip Direen 14/06/2018
Georgina Jemima Fear G. J. Fear Jenny Haycock 13/06/2018
There is a miss spelling in Jane Svendsen Joy Svendsen 11/06/2018
MA Massey (Mary Anne), not M. A .Massey anon 11/06/2018
E A Gumbley was my e a gumbley Chris Grace 05/06/2018
181 Minni Henry Minni Henry Adair Polson-Genge 04/06/2018
We left Glasgow on New Year's Lounge on the Captain Cook immigrant ship Heather Blanshard (nee Duff) 04/06/2018
Sarah Ann Doyle nee Glassey Sarah A. Doyle Pamela McKirdy 04/06/2018
Number 161 C.F. Polson C. F. Polson Adair Polson-Genge 03/06/2018
While Australia left an empty New Zealand says no to federation with Australia Anonymous 03/06/2018
The Trust family lived in A. Trust Irene Canonico 03/06/2018
My wife's aunt Lynette First women enter police training David Quested 03/06/2018
Crew on the Gambia had HMS Achilles badge Anonymous 02/06/2018
Where is Wylie grave?? Rotorua South African War memorial Gabriale Ratcliffe 02/06/2018
My Goodwin family line farmed Pigeon Bay war memorial Robert Hall 02/06/2018
Hi Terry - my understanding New Zealand’s first controlled powered flight Jamie M 01/06/2018
The date here is incorrect. New Zealand’s first controlled powered flight Terry Moyle 01/06/2018
Had the pleasure of meeting Matiu Rata tahi nepia 31/05/2018
Hi. Just curious to know if Mrs Mary McAdam Cathy Donelson 29/05/2018
Does anyone know what William Hobson Michelle 29/05/2018
Dear Mandi - I suggest you Policing the war effort Jamie M 28/05/2018
Hi Christine - if you are Railways Department roll of honour board, Wellington Jamie M 28/05/2018
Hi Selwyn - you can find this New Zealand coastwatchers executed by the Japanese Jamie M 28/05/2018
Name: Jane Prestidge, Jane Prestidge Sandra (nee Prestidge) Marris 28/05/2018
Ellen Benbow had a twin Ormondville First World War memorial hall Judith Gardiner 27/05/2018
Charles Atcherley Benbow and Ormondville First World War memorial hall Judith Gardiner 27/05/2018
Te Katipa Te Awarahi 12, and Te Awarahi (Manukau Heads) Te Kātipa Te Awarahi michelle o'loughlin 27/05/2018
I would like to know more Policing the war effort mandi J Price 27/05/2018
Hi, yesterday I was at Railways Department roll of honour board, Wellington christine martin 26/05/2018
Watching this with my young The rise and fall of Play School Chaucey Ellis 26/05/2018
My late wife Janet Liddle Lounge on the Captain Cook immigrant ship Colin Wilkin 26/05/2018
Any chance we can have an Selected anniversaries 2014-2018 J. A. Breen 25/05/2018
Agnes Dalziel (nee Wright) Agnes Wright Sandra (nee Prestidge) Marris 24/05/2018
Why is there no listing of New Zealand coastwatchers executed by the Japanese Selwyn R GUEST 23/05/2018
The steam. Corvette has Niger Thomas Millard grave Robert A Millard 21/05/2018
Thomas Millard was my 4x Thomas Millard grave Robert Millard 21/05/2018
I am researching a rugby University of Otago Robertina Downes 20/05/2018
Does anyone have information Roslyn Woollen Mill Robertina Downes 20/05/2018
Hi, My father, Andrew Dobson, Waitaki Dam Ray Dobson 17/05/2018
I was 9 Years of Age the Year Edmund Hillary returns to New Zealand, 1953 Mr Lynlee Joseph Drinkwater . New Plymouth. N z 16/05/2018
Elizabeth Baker settled in Elizabeth Baker Kara Lynn 16/05/2018
Ellen Louisa Snellgrove. Born E. L. Snellgrove Kim Young 14/05/2018
Te Atiawa Queen Charlotte Sound, 4–5 May 1840 Anonymous 11/05/2018
Kia ora. Thank you very much Te Awa Jared Davidson 11/05/2018
Katherine C Chisnall, Katherine C. Chisnall Shonagh Love 11/05/2018
Hi Geoff - the easiest way is Picton war memorial Jamie M 11/05/2018