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1893 - we should probably Jamie M 11/02/2019
Herbert and evelyn kettle Wayne kettle 11/02/2019
Marie Malcolm was Kate Anonymous 10/02/2019
On the 5th November 1959, I Alan (Archie)Dawson Auckland, New Zealand 08/02/2019
What year was this ....? Micheal brown 08/02/2019
Women's Golf in New Zealand - pre-1900 Ann MacDougall 08/02/2019
Jean Batten is an incredible victoralsa 07/02/2019
Great place to find some Anonymous 06/02/2019
General Freyberg was injured John Cosgorve 05/02/2019
Thanks, Susan - I've changed Jamie M 04/02/2019
Nelson association Jamie M 04/02/2019
Sorry, but may I post more of Dr Paul Tonson, Melbourne Aust. 02/02/2019
Hi Cobber Kain was a house Roger Goddard 02/02/2019
Isn't this a cartoon for Anonymous 01/02/2019
I watched her perform Carmen D King 31/01/2019
Hi folks, Philip Hinton 29/01/2019
So interesting, Dinah's Anonymous 28/01/2019
I am attempting to find out Jan Olsen 28/01/2019
My parents met on the Captain Lindsay Morrison 24/01/2019
Annie Ayres, fiancé of John Anonymous 24/01/2019
Jane Castle nee Goulden of 27 Anonymous 24/01/2019
I was lucky enough to obtain Tony Foster 24/01/2019
I was lucky enough to meet my john fraser 20/01/2019
What I would like to know if William Ray Dobson (Ray) 20/01/2019
I think it is marvelous that Helen Churchman (née Somerville) 19/01/2019
This sounds similar to how Ashley 19/01/2019
For Stuart Park, I am you Bev Eyre 18/01/2019
Bio for MARIA VOGAN, Graham Rogers 17/01/2019
Elizabeth Will was born on Jennie Marsh 15/01/2019
I think this might be Mrs Karen Cummings for Collingwood Historical Society, Inc 14/01/2019
April 8 1908, James Reid Anonymous 13/01/2019
The 8 scarves were actually Susan Barber 13/01/2019
Congratulations on a Ms Caron A Rowley 11/01/2019
this is wonderful. James' Scott 09/01/2019
Notes on this page. anonymous 05/01/2019
Sheet 486 MARGARET WEST Rowan Anderson 04/01/2019
I had my 21st bday party Shannon Tana 04/01/2019
"S.W. HEWINSON" "FENDALTON" Denise Rose ROGERS (nee Davenport) 03/01/2019
F W WYATT was my Grandfather, Roger Frederick Wyatt 01/01/2019
I'm a Yank, just learned Roland Van Deusen 31/12/2018
Hi there..Did Thames Valley Arnold Robinson 29/12/2018
Ann C Summerell is buried in Colleen McCombe 29/12/2018
I am grand niece of Taha Kara Carolyn Russell 28/12/2018
My first job, (15)?New Lynn. Katherine MOKA-Siaki 27/12/2018
My father worked on the Maureen 26/12/2018
My grandfather, Alexander O Lewis O'Keefe 20/12/2018
Eliza later lived at 26 Brenda Anderson 16/12/2018
Trying to find anybody that Brian mccallum 15/12/2018
Author of The WEL Herstory Elspeth Preddey 10/12/2018
Nopera Rangiuia Ngaio Wharehinga 07/12/2018