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Edward William Hopkinson Jackie 11/05/2022
I remember yesterday, my now Jimmy Green 10/05/2022
Approximately how many Stukas Peter Hurford 08/05/2022
Descendant Samii Thornborough 06/05/2022
Kia ora Gary - you might find Gareth Phipps 06/05/2022
My mother`s Repatriation to the USA as A Kiwi War Bride 1946. Gary Wayne Williams 06/05/2022
Alastair Fleming, I can help Rizal 06/05/2022
Neither Tillman Avenue or Margaret Howley 05/05/2022
St James Avenue was planted Margaret Howley 05/05/2022
And it was "the first Max 04/05/2022
I see my grandfather King Roslyn Andrews 30/04/2022
Yes i also suffered at the John H. 30/04/2022
Awesome place visit it 1975 Bob 29/04/2022
Like most everyone else here. Jill 27/04/2022
I have a painting by Fiona Campbell 26/04/2022
My mother was a Greek war Marie Swarbrick 26/04/2022
Definitely agree with Tania's J. Hills 25/04/2022
He is my great grandad. His Glenda 24/04/2022
Im picking the A B Smith Jackie Smith 24/04/2022
Kia ora I'm looking for any Kahu piripi 23/04/2022
Muriwhenua Kaitangata Taruke Thomson 22/04/2022
My great Uncle Charles Bolt Gordon Wright-St Clair 21/04/2022
I'm currently doing some Amanda Greenem 21/04/2022
My mother was the sole charge Julienne Law 21/04/2022 RAMON ALVAREZ 21/04/2022
By the time of his death at Garth McGearty 20/04/2022
Farrier Sergeant OH Turner Garth McGearty 20/04/2022
Could be my grandfather my Shirley Verdun Bryant nee Pratt. 19/04/2022
ANZAC Service .2022 Shirley RussellAnonymous 13/04/2022
I am replying to a comment Glenise 13/04/2022
Jessie's mother, Mary Tutchen Margaret Hall 12/04/2022
I know both whakapapa well. Anonymous 12/04/2022
If this is Ellen Blomfield James Wild 10/04/2022
This is likely to be the James Wild 10/04/2022
I am related to Edward Casper Michael Cartwright 10/04/2022
James Arthur Rix was born in Peter Bowen 08/04/2022
Paeroke is my great, great Jamie Kelly 05/04/2022
I have heard my grandfather Kirsten Browne 05/04/2022
Have lived in Anzac Valley Richard Fowler 03/04/2022
I was operated by Brian on 9 Anthony 28/03/2022
By the time I was in my teens Anonymous 26/03/2022
Rima, have you tried Anonymous 23/03/2022
The book HMNZS ACHILLES David Jasper Robertson 22/03/2022
Ceylon (Sri Lanka) was never Chris Abdul-Wahhab 20/03/2022
This old bugger actually led Linzy / Siva 16/03/2022
FitzGerald was multi-talented H J Rawstron MNZM, Chevalier de l'ordre des arts et lettres 16/03/2022
Yes I was one of the Josephine 15/03/2022
I Remember that a supporter Anonymous 14/03/2022
Ngirene, lovely to see your Paula Fern 08/03/2022
And I, Brian Ronson (son of Brian Ronson 08/03/2022