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The white man never mokopuna to Tiitokowaru and his sisters 12/08/2022
Elizabeth Birdwood later Martin O'Sullivan 11/08/2022
Copy of certificate in childcare Nicki 10/08/2022
Alleged relationship between Yate and Hongi. Anonymous 10/08/2022
This type of medal was also Anonymous 09/08/2022
Started badly when a numpty Mike 08/08/2022
1SGTNewman I WAS STATIONED IN Frank 07/08/2022
My great great grandmother Diane Van Diepen née Helps 05/08/2022
I went here in 2004 as an 8 DK 05/08/2022
Was White Swan registered in Anonymous 05/08/2022
hi my name is Dave groube I Dave Groube 05/08/2022
Te Rangiwhakarurua Anonymous 04/08/2022
Korako Harmon, Jacob 02/08/2022
Eva should read "Eliza" . Alan Olliver 02/08/2022
I was with the 55 the MP Anonymous 01/08/2022
The foundation stone has been Anonymous 30/07/2022
I had the same experience as Anonymous 30/07/2022
I was sent to Otaki Health Gabrielle J 28/07/2022
Fascinating recollections - Pat 26/07/2022
I travelled on the Captain Sue Sands (Henshaw) 26/07/2022
Elizabeth Ellen Eagle was the Lindsay EAGLE 25/07/2022
We are curious about where Sandy Wright 25/07/2022
Hi. I'm doing some research Lisa 25/07/2022
I was a child who had been i S.F 23/07/2022
AKA Anonymous 22/07/2022
Gender of Pari Haylee Solomon 22/07/2022
Hi Linda Broadfoot 19/07/2022
Was this information written Anonymous 16/07/2022
Arthur Edward Mellick was my Roy Mellick 14/07/2022
Penny Jamieson’s consecration Anonymous 13/07/2022
Did the Māori team score on Rob H 12/07/2022
The statement that the Raewyn Dalziel 11/07/2022
Yeah I was there. What a Anonymous 10/07/2022
Katipa did not marry Matire Anonymous 09/07/2022
I remember the dental clinics Laraine 09/07/2022
I was 3 years old and Dad ran Dakta Green 08/07/2022
My Dad was a Captain in the Bonnie Nikora (née Simpson) 08/07/2022
eliza jane Picot emigrated Jean Guy 07/07/2022
Re Edward Charles Hopkinson. Eva C Knox 06/07/2022
I think the point about Brent 04/07/2022
Hello, I am trying to find Shelley Maguire(Kehoe) 04/07/2022
This is my great grandmother Anonymous 02/07/2022
I believe that this is Eden Anonymous 02/07/2022
The Eastown Roll of Honour Laraine Sole 29/06/2022
Place of Te Tiriti Signing Anonymous 27/06/2022
Christopher Reekie's Dad was Anonymous 26/06/2022
Matilda Mercer was my great Sheryl Woodcock. 25/06/2022
I was cadre at Camp Jecelyn, 1SGT Newman 20/06/2022
We arrived in Wellington in Craig Bonner 19/06/2022
There were two Edward Casper Anne Casper 17/06/2022