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WIREMU HAU - NGATI WHIU, WAIMATE NORTH Lorraine Martin 21/02/2024
My mistake, William was Brian SPEAR 19/02/2024
Mr Robertson, I wonder if you Anonymous 19/02/2024
The reason some were against Kiwi Scribe 16/02/2024
PAUL KINLEY Anonymous 14/02/2024
Mohi Tawhai , Anonymous 13/02/2024
My mother Ngaire was a nurse Rosalind Butler 12/02/2024
We still live in the house Glenda Landreth 11/02/2024
My name is Marilyn and I have Marilyn Tapply 11/02/2024
To Colin Prescott I too Marilyn Tapply 11/02/2024
Hounku Paekau 10/02/2024
Hannah crooks nee wilcox is Lani Thomas 09/02/2024
Hannah is my 2nd great great Lani Thomas 09/02/2024
My Great Grandfather Graham L. Carpenternonymous 07/02/2024
The soldier with the pipe and Raewyn Karl 03/02/2024
Still use her books also her Mabel Lust 30/01/2024
Sunday school, square dancing Diana 03/01/2024
There is a brass plaque in Kevin Gunn 03/01/2024
It's a shame my grandfather Angela Parker (nee Vass) 02/01/2024
I too have been searching for GAM 18/12/2023
Yes , Pukekawa i was there Anonymous 16/12/2023
Did any NZ nurses publish Anonymous 14/12/2023
I lived at 580 Hillsborough Joan Davidson 12/12/2023
My name is Graeme Berry i am Graeme Berry 12/12/2023
It's interesting that in a Anonymous 11/12/2023
Jordan Nelson New Zealands J 08/12/2023
Yeah a cuz and myself drove Dave U 03/12/2023
Does anyone know anything Casey 30/11/2023
Could it have been this Ship? Kate 30/11/2023
According to his service NZDF 29/11/2023
Catherine adopted a girl Fay Bint 27/11/2023
Hello I've just seen this Joan Carll 25/11/2023
I'm their great great Sarah Abercrombie 25/11/2023
So great to have the song and Sarah Johnston 25/11/2023
This is a really smart way on Anonymous 21/11/2023
Honour Boards are on display Annette Smithers 19/11/2023
Let us speak te reo Māori Guiyom 17/11/2023
Am looking for anything on Krys Db 15/11/2023
As a Child growing up in Sarah-Jane 14/11/2023
Hi, does anyone know where I Jeremy 07/11/2023
This is my great great Anonymous 07/11/2023
Emma Rawlinson, was my great Rio Rive 05/11/2023
i was a boy of four when the Keith Richardson 04/11/2023
I don't know anything about Grant Blackie 02/11/2023
Thomas William Poole's name Robin Skinner 31/10/2023
Another incorrect Lynda Seaton (Sideros Research) 31/10/2023
te whai hakuene raparapateuira 31/10/2023
If I saw a relative or Anonymous 28/10/2023
Hi I am looking for IAN W YOW 24/10/2023
a birth name is Cami Trueheart 20/10/2023