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Author of The WEL Herstory Elspeth Preddey 10/12/2018
Nopera Rangiuia Ngaio Wharehinga 07/12/2018
the bullet eater Anonymous 06/12/2018
Kia ora, we've now updated Jared Davidson 05/12/2018
Hi Marg - we can confirm she Jamie M 05/12/2018
I am looking for the CO’s of Barry 04/12/2018
Hi Jeremy, and Anonymous, Allan 03/12/2018
This is great grandmother, Anne Kendrick 02/12/2018
For Malcolm Greig Andrew Morrison 30/11/2018
Mohi Tawhai Georgina Marchioni Job 30/11/2018
KIWIKIWI Georgina Marchioni Job 30/11/2018
My father Joe Wilson was on Stef Railey 30/11/2018
So sad re-reading this Epenesa Anonymous 29/11/2018
Why wasnt the other Maori David Dysart 27/11/2018
Evelyn's father Clement White M Burnell 26/11/2018
Yes many of us knew each Anonymous 25/11/2018
My great uncle Matthew John Brenda Ward 25/11/2018
39 years next week, and I Peter Edwards 22/11/2018
The Memorial now commemorates Anonymous 21/11/2018
I'm Steve Jones I came to NZ steve jones 20/11/2018
On the 18th of November 2018 Chris Ralph 20/11/2018
I am puzzled. I have always Marg Pearce 19/11/2018
Very little is known of Jane Helen Edwards 17/11/2018
The WW1 face has been Peter Millward 16/11/2018
My Grandmother Evelyn Gladys Leonie Renton 15/11/2018
This is my great grandmother. Valmai Redhead 15/11/2018
Posted this map on the Anonymous 14/11/2018
What of the 1880 murder of Anonymous 12/11/2018
My step uncle died at Patricia mc namara 10/11/2018
I would like to have the Anonymous 08/11/2018
You have missed one well Jackie 08/11/2018
Hi Katherine, Carolyn McGrath 05/11/2018
I have a photo of a Richard 05/11/2018
Hello from 2018. Jimbo 04/11/2018
Patrick. Crowe was awarded Anne- Marie Hardy 03/11/2018
Great work Helen, just a Katherine Blakeley 03/11/2018
To Helen Blanchard (nee Duff) Malcolm Greig 03/11/2018
Tupuna Abraham 02/11/2018
Ellender is my great Sharon O'Reilly 02/11/2018
I remember incendiary bombs Bill Edgson 02/11/2018
For Andrew Morrison. Malcolm Greig 02/11/2018
This is in answer to Heather Malcolm Greig 02/11/2018
Jeannie Stephenson (nee Jane Alastair Grant Campbell 01/11/2018
Elizabeth Holms (nee Grant) Alastair Grant Campbell 01/11/2018
Janet Grant (nee Janet Muir Alastair Grant Campbell 01/11/2018
Grant, Margaret (nee Alastair Grant Campbell 01/11/2018
And wasn’t Michelle Payne the Peter 30/10/2018
te manutoheroa ripeka te here wharekai whitu TeNgaruru 30/10/2018
Hi would anyone know the Danny Jones 30/10/2018
My Mothers father, my MaryAnn Mann 28/10/2018