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She was mg geatgrandmkther I Ralda Maftin 23/11/2020
Bridget Mc Donnell was my Judith Mc Donnell 23/11/2020
Paeroki David Down 22/11/2020
I would like to contact the Anonymous 22/11/2020
I was a crew member on the Guess who 21/11/2020
lots of fond memories of patricia Donnelly 20/11/2020
I was born in New Zealand in Jenny 20/11/2020
John Squires Stratford Ser No Kiwi Scribe 18/11/2020
Many Europeans considered Karyn Walker 16/11/2020
Hi Sheryl, my grandfather was Colleen Robinson 14/11/2020
Her actual arrival story Raymond Kelman 13/11/2020
My great uncle; Harry Watson Neil Watson 11/11/2020
>men's love for their Maxwell Muir 11/11/2020
>The British put ground glass Maxwell Muir 11/11/2020
I have some of my Erika Locke 10/11/2020
I was in the RNZAF from 1958 Graeme Wilce 10/11/2020
I was at Uijongbu with 47 tom bonaccorso 10/11/2020
Sergeant Noodles is so Anonymous 09/11/2020
I don't think your Tamihana 08/11/2020
Replying to Natalie. Helen 08/11/2020
I was 9 years old, my sister Jane 02/11/2020
I Emigrated to Montreal from May Kramer 02/11/2020
On the 5th November 1959, I Alan (Archie) Dawson Auckland, New Zealand 02/11/2020
Unsettled after returning MOLLY DRINNAN 02/11/2020
I am a dependent of Michael Anonymous 02/11/2020
The Memorial Window was not Donald 02/11/2020
I was a victim of the school Anonymous 02/11/2020
BATT, Robert William (Bob). Wally Seccombe 01/11/2020
Jessie Louisa Ruth ADAMS Jackie Stoddard 01/11/2020
Peculiar that the article Anonymous 31/10/2020
Te Katipa did not marry Anonymous 30/10/2020
{{1893 Suffrage Petition Royce WILES 29/10/2020
Kia ora to all commenters on Raymond McKay 28/10/2020
Hi I have just found this Renata Taylor 28/10/2020
Kia ora NZHistory - could you Anonymous 28/10/2020
This is Anne Titboald Ward (c Randolph Hollingsworth 27/10/2020
Correction to my earlier post Lyn nee Creighton 26/10/2020
My Mum and Dad, Maisie and Lyn nee Creighton 26/10/2020
It is interesting to note Jack Richardson 26/10/2020
Mrs Walter Thompson (1847 Wendy Reid 25/10/2020
I don't understand the Anonymous 25/10/2020
Mrs Bridget Bellett (nee Paul Bellett 24/10/2020
Probably the reason for the Anonymous 23/10/2020 Anonymous 23/10/2020
Descendant of Maraea Amanda-Alison 20/10/2020
The comments about missionary Sam Carpenter 20/10/2020
Thank you for the service Don Oliver Sexton 19/10/2020
Just out of curiosity, I Sheryl Langton 18/10/2020
We have a beautiful piece by Hone McGregor 17/10/2020
My Grt. Grt. Grandmother was Anonymous 16/10/2020