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Susan Tonks was born Susannah Susan Tonks Penelope Holden nee Richards 15/08/2018
My Great Grandmother Mrs E Mrs E Spencer Penelope Holden nee Richards 15/08/2018
I am the person who supplied Anna Woods Best Bridget Gerrie 14/08/2018
I was shipping home from Now is the hour, NZ's first million-selling song? Edward J. Breen 14/08/2018
Georgina Fletcher (nee Adams) Georgina Fletcher Errol Hooker 12/08/2018
To the family of Walker Rangi Rahotu war memorial Robyn Moore 09/08/2018
Was Alfred Jefferson who Jane McKenzie Gwenda Ajie Swinnet. Née Jefferson, daughter o Alfred Ernest 08/08/2018
Yes- this audio and text is 100 Māori words every New Zealander should know Jamie M 08/08/2018
It is the Commonwealth Heads Gleneagles Agreement Noel Ellis 06/08/2018
What is the copyright usage 100 Māori words every New Zealander should know Anonymous 05/08/2018
Can anybody give me some more Manukau Yacht & Motor Boat Club Roll of Honour Malcolm Piper 05/08/2018
It is not an ad - it is a French Maid Coffee House menu cover Michael Smythe 04/08/2018
I notice there's no mention Rock music festivals 1970-2010 Kat 03/08/2018
The person shown as Mary Charlotte Brown Mike Stanley 03/08/2018
What about the 1st september New Zealand crime timeline Anonymous 03/08/2018
School Bus Crash in New Zealand disasters timeline Greg Goldfinch 31/07/2018
Dreadfully unfair system. I Carless days introduced Laura Hart 30/07/2018
690 387 GISBORNE NORTH About the suffrage petition Pene Walsh 30/07/2018
My Great Aunt Beatrice Beatrice Partridge Jan Harris 28/07/2018
Margaret Isabella HOY [ nee Margeret Hoy Anonymous 27/07/2018
thank you so much for finding Sydney Stanfield remembers Passchendaele granddaughter lorna-mae leonard 26/07/2018
This is my grandfather. I’m george alfred heath anderson Patty French 25/07/2018
Michael Maley was my paternal M. Maley Anonymous 24/07/2018
Daughter in law of Catherine Martha Phillips Ray Phillips 24/07/2018
First name Caroline (nee C Phillips Ray Phillips 24/07/2018
Was the mother of Charlotte Jane Youmans Ray Phillips 24/07/2018
Should the deaths of the 6 New Zealand disasters timeline Peter M 24/07/2018
Gwendoline Lila was not Mrs Annan Anonymous 23/07/2018
This is Jessie Pollock, Jessie Pollock Fiona 23/07/2018
Emma Monk is Emma Mant. Here Emma Mant Helen Edwards 22/07/2018
Suggest this is S.M. Ivey, S. M. Ivey A. de Groot 22/07/2018
Suggest this is McNae, not J. McNae Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Jane Jennings, nee Knight (c. J. Jennings Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Miss Mary Hurst (c.1833-1908) Mary Hurst Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Elizabeth Dale Howell, nee E. D. Howell Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Sophia Elizabeth Haughton (c. S. Haughton Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Ada Louise Haughton (1862 A. L. Haughton Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Margaret Doherty, nee Doocey M. Doherty Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Caroline Exon, nee Grimstead C. Exon Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Eliza Anna Cooke, nee Newton E. A. Cooke Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Suggest this could be RULE M. E. Rule Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
We have biographical notes on M. A. Blythen (Junior) Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
We have biographical notes on K. M. Blanchard Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
We have biographical notes on E. Bartram Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
We are working on Jane A. Banks Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Believe this is Sarah Glasgow Sarah Glasgow Rainey Adriana de Groot 19/07/2018
Trying to find some Riverhead war memorial gates Jade Ruby 17/07/2018
Janet Manson was a signatory J. Manson Debbie McCauley 15/07/2018
Sarah Elizabeth Wiseman was S. E Turner Nicola Turner 14/07/2018
I believe this 'I' is S. Izett Debbie McCauley 14/07/2018