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Hi there please needing to Kirsty 16/10/2018
Previous comment should hve Brian Turner 15/10/2018
TEMUKA LEADER, ISSUE 10488, 5 Brian Turner 15/10/2018
Sorry, but this is the wrong Fiona G 15/10/2018
Henry Rayne is my great Jeremy Rayne 13/10/2018
Francis Annie Sandilands was Elaine Buxton 12/10/2018
Laura Anderson was my great Susanna Ferrar 11/10/2018
The address should be Nokomai Richard Soper 11/10/2018
Charles Wix was my great Michele Gregg (Flanagan) 09/10/2018
Surprised to not see any of Anonymous 09/10/2018
Thanks, Penny - I think you Jamie M 08/10/2018
Needs another memorial beside Defyd Williams 07/10/2018
Yes you are a direct M HesseyAnonymous 06/10/2018
Looking at the document, I Penny Kinsella 02/10/2018
Susanna Flewellen (nee Brown) Tony Flewellen 01/10/2018
Hi to Thomas Scott who has Judith Hughey 28/09/2018
Hi Jan - there are a few Jamie M 28/09/2018
My late mother, “Rosalind thomas scott 28/09/2018
CA Carr / possibly Catherine Anonymous 27/09/2018
My great grandmother Agnes G. Jan Lynch 26/09/2018
My bame is fiona megan baker Fiona megan baker 26/09/2018
Jane Gibbs, i is my great Stephanie Butler 25/09/2018
Mary Ethel Bowler nee Hepburn Don Hutton 25/09/2018
"Annie," baptised Ann Don Hutton 25/09/2018
Louisa Jane Williams (nee Lea Bellini 25/09/2018
Lizzie (Charlotte Eliza) Mann Lea Bellini 25/09/2018
Hi Alistair - thanks for this Jamie M 25/09/2018
It is possible - to my eye it Jamie M 25/09/2018
Hi Anonymous - please email Jamie M 25/09/2018
Hi Paul - we are definitely Jamie M 25/09/2018
Mrs John EDGAR (nee Fanny Michael Coyne 25/09/2018
Amalia Andersen was a neice Oline Elizabeth BALL (nee Andersen) 25/09/2018
Charles Wix was the sixth Pat Rowe, Grandaughter 25/09/2018
Likely my great grandmother. Brent Dacre 25/09/2018
Te Naihi - 127 on Waitangi list Claudia Orange 24/09/2018
Mrs Bickerstaff is my great Anne Whitehead 24/09/2018
Kawhia in 1918 was an John Dodgson 24/09/2018
I understand there was a Anonymous 24/09/2018
I have a photo of Mary Jane Alistair Aitken 23/09/2018
Margaret Leslie was my Great Roger Leslie 23/09/2018
Eliza Stalker was my Great Roger Leslie 23/09/2018
Could this be H. Mason? Anonymous 23/09/2018
This name has been Margaret Tennant 23/09/2018
I believe that the address is John Duncan 23/09/2018
Te Manutoheroa ripeka te here wharekai whitu kitty ruru 23/09/2018
The email isn't working. I Anonymous 23/09/2018
Mary Cook (nee Paice) married Rosie Orr 22/09/2018
Are you interested in photos? Paul Young 22/09/2018
Mary Ann HARDEN ( a.k.a. Wendy Ryalls 22/09/2018
Emily Frederiksen was the Oline Ball ( nee Andersen ) 21/09/2018