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Mabel Winifred Billman was Glenda Landreth 25/09/2019
Alexander/Finlay/Campbell - Anonymous 23/09/2019
My Grandfather's name's Anonymous 22/09/2019
This my great great great Jason Fenton 22/09/2019
My great grandmother granny AnonrymousRalda Martin 19/09/2019
Te Manutoheroa Anonymous 18/09/2019
Te Manutoheroa chief of kaipakopako Lepperton Anonymous 18/09/2019
Hello I am trying to locate a David Morris. 17/09/2019
What was Maui Pomare to Anonymous 15/09/2019
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Thanks for this - I've now Jamie M 13/09/2019
Lucy was born in Tiverton Brian Collett 13/09/2019
The memorial was unveiled on Joanna Barnes-Wylie 11/09/2019
More information on how Rangi KamauAnonymous 10/09/2019
Dear Danny, Heinz-Rüdiger Schneider 09/09/2019
Ophelia Violet Barrell died Christine Richardson 07/09/2019
Papers Past records the Christine Richardson 05/09/2019
She is JM Teesdale (Janet Jan 04/09/2019
The spelling used in your John Duncan 04/09/2019
Remark for site administrator Heinz-Rüdiger Schneider 04/09/2019
Tauheke Signing of Te Tiriti O Waitangi Anonymous 03/09/2019
I have been searching about Vaner Aljac 02/09/2019
Sophia was my great Dianne ColeAnonymous 02/09/2019
Hi John - thanks very much Jamie M 02/09/2019
I believe this is my great Raymond Burt 02/09/2019
Mary Elizabeth Seagar was John Duncan, great-great-grandson 01/09/2019
Helen’s full name is Helen Anonymous 31/08/2019
The Topp Twins are the best Anonymous 30/08/2019
Alice Maud Evans was a young Neil Bowdler 30/08/2019
Dear Danny, Heinz-Ruediger Schneider 30/08/2019
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This article is written with Johan 29/08/2019
Hinepau Justin Patrick Heffernan 29/08/2019
Hua Bernard Brown 29/08/2019
@GEORGINA MARCHIONI JOB Edward Stanaway 29/08/2019
I decend from Errol Fraser Helen Des Forges 27/08/2019
I am a great granddaughter of Joy Willis 27/08/2019
My father Mr James Kenny was John Kenny 27/08/2019
This Emily Couper is the wife Anonymous 26/08/2019
I grew up listening to a james 25/08/2019
Well done my great Margaret. 25/08/2019
I sailed on the Captain Cook Val Marshall 25/08/2019
Mary Keary was my 3rd great Dennis Thompson - Grandson of Annie Elizabeth Farrell 24/08/2019
Check 1967: https://nzhistory Jamie M 23/08/2019
Hello Angela, Paul Kerr 20/08/2019
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