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"Fanny Preece" is very likely will Esler 08/02/2017
"M. A. Wilson" is likely to Will Esler 08/02/2017
"Sarah J. Wilson" is probably Will Esler 08/02/2017
"Sarah Burrows" is likely to Will Esler 08/02/2017
Mary Ann “Polly” ALLEN nee Will Esler 26/04/2017
Fanny PREECE nee DOELL 13 Nov Will Esler 30/05/2017
Catherine PREECE nee TRUMPER Will Esler 30/05/2017
"Maggie AITCHSION" probably = Will ESLER 01/06/2017
E. PARRANT is undoubtedly Will Esler 19/04/2016
"Mrs PREECE" is likely to be Will Esler 28/06/2018
Rachel Knox GLIDDON nee AGNEW Will ESLER 27/05/2016
Ann BISHOP formerly ARNOLD Will Esler 30/05/2016
S.E. MURRAY is Sarah Will Esler 05/07/2016
Sarah Maria GLOVER nee ARNOLD Will ESLER 28/05/2016
F. COLE is likely to be the Will ESLER 28/05/2016
Ada JOHNSON is likely to be Will ESLER 28/05/2016
Clara E. LANGLEY is Clara Will ESLER 28/05/2016
I would just like to say Will Walters 22/04/2015
need to know the name of the willem 11/03/2015
Hi My dad was on her I william 06/03/2011
Was in Glen Orchy as part of William 26/02/2021
Hi I have always believed William Berrisford 11/12/2016
Thanks for the reply and the William Berrisford 16/12/2016
It was so sad to see on BBC William Best 28/02/2011
Francis Thank you for William Best 09/03/2011
Frank MacFarlane was my great William Leith 26/02/2013
My I have a list of NZ Dead William McDonald 21/05/2014
hi nz folks,i have been to william moore 17/09/2009
What I would like to know if William Ray Dobson (Ray) 20/01/2019
Alice Rose Schoch (nee William Schoch 31/03/2012
I believe the soldiers were William Shaw. 24/12/2019
My name is William James William Surgenor 22/08/2020
i wish to know about the William Tate 03/05/2008
My late Dad William (Bill) William Thurston JNR. 06/02/2016
Dear, Willy Mullebrouck 31/01/2021
I spent a number of years as Winifred Chambers 23/08/2021
Mata Whio isn't Henare Potiki Winnie Matahaere 27/07/2020
Kia Ora all!! My nephew is Wiremu Paenga 04/09/2008
Nga mihi o te wa, im a Wiremu Taupara Ruru 15/12/2020
Kiaora tatau katoa, If you YEAR 10 MAORI STUDENT 001 01/11/2010
It's amazing to see these Yeping 05/09/2021
My Granddad Ken Geenty aka Yvie Catherine Benson 30/04/2021
Bob Harvey (orator) of this Yvonne Hatfield nee Thomas 27/04/2015
Ka pai enei kupu tino mohio i Yvonne Hemara 17/06/2014
My family were from yvonne reeves 09/09/2015
Hi i'm Zachary McCosh, the Zachary McCosh 08/04/2017
My Great grandfather was Zayne van-Day 05/01/2012
how many survivors were there zevon 15/09/2009
Tena koutou katoa. I was a Zoe 18/09/2018
Hello, could someone please zoeoe 14/04/2011