Commentsort descending Subject Author Created
Arrived Wellington Easter J McElwee 22/02/2009
Arrowtown Chinese settlement: Steven wong 14/09/2018
Arthur Alexander/Arthur Alex Christine Clement 30/12/2016
Arthur Barker was recorded Cheryl Carnahan 02/11/2011
Arthur John Cromie was born Nee Cromie 04/01/2012
Arthur Scott was my Peter Scott 23/12/2013
Arthur was a 3rd generation Val Goss 28/04/2014
As a child I used to listen Nicola 06/05/2015
As a 16 y.o. gay boy in 1960. Robbie 11/03/2014
As a 63 yr old male BE CIVIL hubhillary 30/10/2013
As a boy I remember his D F Butler 04/09/2020
As a boy I remember his D F Butler 04/09/2020
As a child during the second Peter. J. Parker 18/03/2012
As a dance / electronic Kate 13/02/2011
As a family member your J. Spencer nicholls 01/07/2020
As a former Vicar's Warden Mary Carmine 23/12/2010
As a matter of fact, and for David Schoch 07/09/2011
As a protest participant I Chris 14/02/2013
As a seventeen year old I Tony Briggs 11/07/2011
As a young guy, I can recall Ray Wiley 01/06/2012
As a young lad, I well Peter Burridge 20/12/2008
As an ex Otahuhu Workshop Cire 28/10/2011
As children in the late 40's Haare Tukariri aka Harry Matthews 12/05/2014
As children my sisters and Colleen Cresswell née Holz 16/05/2017
As far as I know the spelling Sue Colyer 09/08/2017
as far as I remember,the war clare elliott 09/11/2009
As mentioned, the photo taken Bruce Mai 29/11/2015
as my dad ws protesting in whitianga mahara 02/08/2013
As part of my schools Maori sean burt 10/08/2008
As part of our ongoing family Paul Kerr 15/08/2020
as the present Priest this the rev brenda parker 08/01/2015
As we say at the top, we don Jamie M 01/02/2021
As your article notes, the Nigel Robson 20/02/2013
Ashburton Legion of Mike Subritzky 16/12/2009
At an educated guess I would Christopher Johnstone 07/06/2013
at da beginning it was rapihana productions 14/05/2010
At midday on on Christmas John Archer 11/01/2010
At my daughter's wedding, I Ian 17/09/2015
At my flat in Wellington, we Sharon 16/12/2008
At one time Te Arawa despised Anonymous 01/04/2018
At present I am sitting with christine 23/04/2011
At the Auckland College of Sir 12/01/2010
At the bottom of the Gilbert 22/05/2012
At the Onehunga RSA they Sir 12/01/2010
Attended the first two Sweet John Blackwell 03/11/2013
Auckland Museum Cenotaph has Dax 07/03/2013
Auckland Museum has a Terry Evans 30/04/2016
Aunt Kate was my grandfather Vivien 19/09/2012
Author of The WEL Herstory Elspeth Preddey 10/12/2018
Avice, tena koe. On your Cynthia Matthews 15/03/2017