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Dear Emanuel: Ozires moraes 25/03/2013
Dear Frances, Be assured I Ken Weston 05/08/2010
Dear Frank Thanks for your Imelda Bargas 16/12/2010
Dear Hiroshi You can see the admin 26/10/2008
Dear Ken - this is Frances 04/08/2010
Dear Mandi - I suggest you Jamie M 28/05/2018
Dear Marilyn, I did not see Mary 28/04/2019
Dear Maureen and all other Awale 12/04/2013
Dear Maureen thank you for Awale 07/03/2013
Dear content Anonymous1 04/02/2013
Dear, it may Alex 26/04/2012
Dear public record, called VOID 24/09/2008
Dear Robert - thanks very admin 13/06/2012
Dear Ross - how great to read Frances Abbott 20/05/2015
Dear Sir / Madam, I am a David Josland 04/12/2008
Dear Sir,Madam, I would Martin Tay 02/08/2010
Dear Sir/Madam, it was with Anonymous 05/05/2015
Dear sirs I'm been doing Roger Woolley 10/07/2008
Dear Tania and Ann, I was June Ryan 25/08/2012
Dear Ted What great Lyn 24/02/2009
Dear William I came to Wgtn Ted Hardy 24/02/2009
Dear William I could help Paul 17/08/2008
Dear, Willy Mullebrouck 31/01/2021
Definitely seems to be Richard A. Fowell 29/08/2012
Definitely the General Neil Burns 20/08/2012
Delighted to find New Zealand Martha Berryman 27/06/2019
Derek - my father was on David Mitchell 08/06/2017
Descendant of JENKINS/PAIROKE James Andersen 23/01/2020
Descendant of Maraea Amanda-Alison 20/10/2020
Descendant of Te Waraki aka Nûtone Te Waraki. Arana Herbert 22/02/2016
Descendent Gabrielle Thomas 15/05/2019
Despite its lonely location, Frank O'Connell 16/01/2011
Details of Emily Schulze's Christine Richardson 28/09/2019
Details of the unveiling can Alan SHARP 16/04/2011
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Did anyone come on the Jimmy Duncan 02/03/2015
Did George Simpkin coach Gerald Lindenburrn 05/05/2011
Did she have any children? I Gabby Chaplin 21/08/2018
Did you know Hillarys wife unknown 10/09/2018
Died from enteric fever, Eric Riddler 19/03/2012
Dieppe Barracks was not the Gavin Lawrence 12/09/2017
Dieppe Barracks, Singapore David McCall 23/01/2014
Different battle but seeking Fran 15/04/2013
Digby Cardale was the son of Miles Cardale 27/02/2012
Do we know how it got to Neil FYnn 26/02/2016
Do you allow photos. If so D A Horne 30/04/2012
Do you by any chance have a AnonyFrances Vincebtmous 13/04/2020
do you have a list of names daniel faleolo 01/02/2013
Do you have any info or Rae 29/05/2017